Commerce Solutions

Commerce solutions for you website, ecommerce, local shop, enterprise or brand, simple and with powerful API and custom payment page. we provide our commerce with over 100+ digital currencies and 10 fiat currenices worldwide. secured & fast payment with simple integration with any platform on mobile or web. Visit our github to get the best SDK for your project. 
Visit our partner website: to get the simple and free commerce solution for yours website. 
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Why COFC Commerce?

Simple Payment

One click payment option for yours customers, easily and safe, our system provide your customer full payment page where you can choose what information the customer will need to import, if he need to register or the system need to check the login and password via yours API.

Digital Currency 

Our commerce solution provide you full digital currency payment with more then 100 digital currenices that you can choose to accept inside your website, our platform allows you to make the fast and secured payment using our payment page that can be branded on yours own brand.

Fiat payments

Our commerce system allows you to accept not only digital currency payments, our platform allows to receive fiat payment using Paypal, credit card payments and other payment platforms in worldwide, with your local currency or any other fiat currency we support on the payment methods.

IPN Notify

After the payment you will receive IPN notify for your platform that the payment was received and the customer information, the data we send can be encrypted with your secret and public keys, also our system will send email notify and the payment details inside our platform.


COFC Technology provide custom ecommerce solution for yours company or brand, our ecommerce solution have all the need functions to create an online shop. commerce clients can create their own online, cloud hosted and secured shop for low price with digital currency payment methods..

API Integration

Our platform commerce API allows you to connect the commerce to your API and receive information from yours platform, we allows to integrate methods like get information and logins from yours website. also our commerce platform have powerfull API system that you can find on our GITHUB.

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