ICO & STO Solutions

ICO or initial coin offerings have become prevalent that almost every new company is utilizing the ICO to go public. Without the doubt, it has become the best way to raise the capital to start a new blockchain business. If you are thinking about to host the initial coin offering for your company COFC is the right place to get things started. We offer complete ICO solution for blockchain startups and companies that includes ICO websites, ICO promotion, token development, ICO law, and jurisdiction solutions and much more.
STO, which stands for Security Token Offering, refers to the recent movement taking place at the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) stage and seeks to replace it. PolyMatch introduced the concept, which introduces a new feature of business model that reduces risk exposure for investors to the barest minimum. An STO is quite similar to an ICO considering the fact that an offering is made by a business to the crowd, in which consumers purchase crypto tokens which is built on a blockchain, but the two do not share many similarities beyond that. Whereas ICOs are the sale of coins, which are purported utilities or even currencies, STOs are the sale of securities. With an ICO, investors can purchase tokens during an offering and such tokens can be traded, sold, or even held. Furthermore, the security tokens are essentially financial securities and therefore, they are backed by tangible assets, profits, or company revenue.

Why COFC Technology?

Smart Contract

COFC Technology provide full smart contact development and create custom token for your project and ICO or STO with all-in-one platform allows you to manage, receive, sell yours token. our platform gives you full CMS and Exchange platform for your needs, and you will be able to manage the modules of our exhcago platform, select supported languages and fiat or digital currenices you want to receive payment.

ICO & STO Platform

COFC Technology gives powerful ICO & STO managment platform allows you to create and manage yours ICO website and the token pre-sale, sale and exhcnage. Our platform is whitelabel hosted, with couple of hours you will receive yours tokens and powerfull managment platform for yours project.

Legal advisor

Our legal advisors will provide you all the needed information and legal solutions to start yours new project.

New branded website

COFC Technology will develop a new branded website for your ICO project with Exchago whitelabel solutions API to make your token to be sold easily, fast and secured.

Listing Services

Our team provide token reviews on forums, blogs, telegram channels to provide yours token to be on high population, each token can be listed in all our whitelabel trading platforms and Exchago trading system.

Marketing plan

We have huge expiriance how to create marking plan for your project and get the best token sale. we have few big marketing channels that will give your project high

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